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Dressing for the Winter

Winter Coats

A good winter coat should be thick enough to keep you warm on bitterly cold winter days, and heavy enough to keep cold wind off your body. Many winter coats are also waterproof or water-resistant. Keeping yourself dry is one of the best ways to stay warm. If your coat does not cover your neck, you will need a scarf to keep the wind away from your exposed skin.

Winter Hats

Apart from a winter coat, you may also consider buying a winter hat. In cold weather, a lot of body heat is lost through the head and wearing a warm hat helps prevent this heat loss. Warm winter hats are made from wool, fleece or another synthetic material, and cover your head and ears.

Winter Gloves

Your hands and fingers can get cold very easily. Mittens or gloves can help keep your hands warm. Gloves are usually easier to wear, and you can find a variety of styles to suit any taste or budget.

Winter Boots

Boots keep your feet warm and dry. Some boots are water-resistant or waterproof. Good winter boots will keep moisture away from your feet, and be well insulated to keep your feet warm.